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Art Mediation Part I

In preparation of the project “Snow-White and Rose-Red – the Lesach Valley honors its women” the Fourth Form of the NMS (New Middle School) Lesachtal produced five posters in collaboration with the artist. These will be posted by early February at five local businesses to inform about the new artistic venture and beyond, carrying the message of the project´s theme: Women.

By means of interviews and their own web research, students developed further images on the topic- be they lorry driver, fire marshal, or Angela Merkel. The artist Conchita provided a starting point for the currently much discussed gender controversy, leaving open the question whether the categorical duality of male and female shouldn´t be abandoned as seemingly inadequate.

The poster series will center on a quote by the US writer and feminist Mary McCarthy:

We are the heroines of our own history

Art Mediation Part II

Through a dialogic talk the artist Claudia Mang was leading the students through the exhibition “Snow-White and Rose-Red – the Lesachtal Valley honors its women”. Inition point was the art mediation part one, in which they had developed posters in the run-up to the project.
Finally they were called to say a word spontaneously referring to the exhibition and this word was the indication for the following workshop.
On paper they developed the word in drawings or cut-outs further and further, till a hole tree was present – a “futuristic tree” out of associations to what the just have seen and heard – an extention in perception and thinking.